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At Chris’ Kitchen we create life changing food. We are WA’s first food manufacturer operating as a social enterprise, creating pathways to employment.

Our award-winning cakes, bliss balls and baked goods are made with simple ingredients you use at home, and they are designed to be allergy friendly. Our food is gluten and dairy free, refined sugar free, and vegan.

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Our Certifications

Social traders certified
Gluten free accredited
Vegan Australia certificated

Our Products

Truly sustainable, all natural, feel good food is at the heart of our business. With a strong focus on simplicity and using the finest quality, local ingredients, we give you nourishing plant-based goodness that's free of additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Bliss Balls

Made with a variety of nuts and seeds, dry fruit, coconut and cacao products, spices and superfoods.

Brownies, Bars & Slices

Packed full of protein and wholesome ingredients, they will keep you going throughout the day.


Made using lots of nuts (and some sneaky healthy veggies) that pack a powerful punch.

Community Support

We endeavour to end hunger and create meaningful employment. Chris’ Kitchen proudly donate 3% of all profits to charities and causes effectively aiding hunger and employment crises.


What Makes Us Unique?

Constructing the Perfect Cakes, Desserts, Cupcakes and Baked Loaves

In order to create delicious tasting foods, we go through our fair share of trial and error. We imagine a new product, experiment with ingredient combinations, tweak flavour here and there, and once we are 110% happy with the taste, we put it to market.

Our focus is not only on creating wholesome plant-based products that will nourish you, but we ultimately hope that you will enjoy every single bite.

Our essential checklist for creating popular, tasty products, whether cakes or loaves, is:

  • Use the finest ingredients
  • Play with innovative flavour combinations
  • Ensure that taste delivers on our promise
  • And that presentation is exciting
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Presentation is Never Neglected

While quality and taste always come first, we believe presentation is equally important. We all eat with our eyes first and so we should, food is a celebration we should enjoy with all our senses. When a product is visually appealing, it’s more appetising and builds anticipation of the senses.

At Chris’ Kitchen, we offer you food that we are proud to call our own. We hope you treasure every bite and that you forget any of it is actually healthy.

Passion and Experience Drive Taste

Chris’ Kitchen’s products are made with nourishing ingredients but don’t worry, you won’t taste the veggies in our desserts and our pizzas are still moreish.

We have spent years perfecting the best flavour combinations and finding ingredients that pair well together. We hope that when you enjoy our food, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Yum!’.

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Shane Starling


5 star review

Best in Perth. They are creative, delicious and can turn a quality cake around very quickly! Our 3-year-old and his pals loved the jungle cake - the adults liked it too! We'll be back! 🎂😋

Paul Wilson


5 star review

It’s hard to find a special dessert for someone who is both gluten and dairy intolerant but Chris’ cake was outstanding!! Absolutely delicious and the presentation was magnificent! I am so grateful that I found her shop online.

Anna Triscari


5 star review

Wonderful service. Cake was beautiful and delicious and they matched the theme so well they understood my requests and responded quickly. Thanks again Chris I highly recommend Anna t

Louise Elscot


5 star review

We have been using Chris' Kitchen for a number of years for our birthday celebrations at our workplace. Her cakes and delights are the best vegan desserts I have ever tasted. I don't know how she does it - but I'm sure it is with a lot of love and care. We ate the most delightful cake yesterday - I ordered the most 'fun' cake - everyone loved it. Thank you Chris......

Daniela Morales Gamboni


5 star review

I ordered a mini cake for my birthday and it was delicious. For me they are the best vegan sweets and cakes

Thais Patury


5 star review

Chris and her team are excellent professionals. From start to finish I was 200% satisfied with the quality of service. We absolutely loved our wedding cake. It was the most beautiful cake for our special day. Thank you again, Thais, Chris and Nala

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Our Story

Our business is an award-winning social enterprise focused on ending hunger and creating meaningful employment opportunities for people who face barriers to employment.

Nutritious food was part of Chris’ childhood: from walnuts to cherries and massive pumpkins, everything was grown by her grandparents. Unusually for a kid, she used to eat all her veggies, only leaving meat behind. No wonder today she produces only plant based treats, both savoury and sweet.


We want to share our passion for vegan cooking with plants and help you create magic in the kitchen. From gluten-free bliss balls and cake slices to smoothies, salads, soups and bake trays, we want to show you that fruits and vegetables can be the superstars of delicious meals.

Come browse our recipes and cook with us.

orange chocolate recipes

A Few of Our Popular Selections

Everything on our menu is developed through passion and experience. While all our products are delicious, there are a few that our customers gravitate towards and are considered favourites.

lemon curd slice product

A zesty, tangy, creamy, dreamy slice


ferrerow product

Creamy choc hazelnut bliss ball coated in a crunchy chocolate


peanut butter chocolate caramel bar product

Chocolaty, peanut buttery goodness filled with date caramel


lamington product

A reinvention of the classic with strawberry jam filling


macadamia product

A gooey sweet treat with premium stone ground tahini


lemon strawberry cheesecake product

Light and fresh dessert with a vibrant appearance


Meet Our Founder & Food Creator

“There is no cheating with wholefoods”, says Chris, founder and owner of Chris’ Kitchen, in Perth.

It’s easy to boost flavour with concentrates and additives, but with plants there is only what nature provides. “You have to work with the best in-season ingredients for maximum flavour”. The result is a cuisine that is not only delicious, but very nourishing.

Chris Anca

Hosting an Event?

Chris’ Kitchen services a range of venues and events in and around Perth.
We are committed to provide our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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