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decorations piping macarons premium flowers
decorations piping macarons premium flowers

Deluxe Cake

My love for baking is ever growing and I couldn’t think of anything better than to share that with you, through our unique, custom cakes. I am always so grateful to be part of your special celebrations and create your picture perfect cake. Whether it’s a small birthday, a meaningful celebration or a wedding, our custom cakes come in all sizes and I promise you my time and commitment to create something you love.

All our cakes and decorations are gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

I hope you have fun creating your own cake.



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Social traders certified
Gluten free accredited
Vegan Australia certificated


Portion Guide

Our serving sizes are based on regular coffee servings of 1”x1” cuts. Due to the nature of our cakes and them being denser than traditional cakes, for dessert we recommend servings of 1.5”x1” cuts. If you are already having desserts as part of your menu, coffee size portions will be sufficient.

To help you determine what size cake you’ll need, please refer to the table below:

Round Cakes Portion Sizes
Cake Sizes: *Coffee *Dessert
6 inch 20 12
8 inch 30 16
10 inch 50 28

Please note: the number of portions given above, is only intended as a guide and based on the following dimensions:

  • *Coffee Size: 1’’ x 1’’ x 2.5’’
  • *Dessert Size: 1’’ x 1.5’’ x 2.5’’

Actual quantities may vary, depending on the shape of your cake and the person cutting up your cake.

If you’d like some assistance choosing cake sizes, please contact us… We’d be happy to help you!

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