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Terms and Conditions


Chris’ Kitchen products are rich in nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds. The products made without nuts could still contain traces of nuts or peanuts, despite our best efforts to eliminate cross contamination.

Unless it is specified specifically on the customer order, all cakes and desserts may contain or come into contact with the following allergens: tree nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soy and other potential allergens.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform their guests of any risks that may be applicable to them. Chris’ Kitchen will not be responsible for any allergy related issues.


Non edible items may be used as decorations on cakes and/or cupcakes. Some figurines or toppers may contain wire or toothpicks which are dangerous if consumed. Some flower stems might be covered with florist tape. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any non edible items are removed prior to consumption.

All effort will be made by Chris’ Kitchen to ensure that the final product is matched to the colour chosen as much as possible however we cannot guarantee to match the exact colour/s and designs chosen.

Some decorations might suddenly not be available for reasons outside our control – poor quality, seasonal variation, supply shortages or delivery delays. We reserve the right to substitute an alternative product and sometimes there might not be enough time to contact the customer and obtain prior agreement.


Chrisʼ Kitchen is committed to high quality and great customer service. All our ingredients are of the highest quality and all cakes / desserts are made on the premises. It is important to remember that our products are perishable and have a short shelf life as we do not use additives or preservatives. Our products should be consumed within the advised time frame.

If there is anything we can do better, please write to us at hello@chriskitchen.com.au should you wish to provide us with feedback. Complaints will be effectively assessed and responded to within 14 days.


Cake and dessert orders are best placed with at least 5 business daysʼ notice. Customers who wish to place an order for pickup within 24 hours may inquire about availability. Every effort will be made to complete all orders, however Chrisʼ Kitchen cannot guarantee this in circumstances outside of our control. All orders require full payment on ordering day.


All changes must be submitted in writing to hello@chriskitchen.com.au with at least 3 business days notice prior to pick up or delivery day. Any changes made to your order within will incur a surcharge, depending on the change requested. In most cases we can accommodate changes, however at times it is not possible. We will however endeavor to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Change of Date

Change of date requests must be made in writing to hello@chriskitchen.com.au with at least 3 days notice for standard cakes and 14 days notice for wedding cakes. The acceptance of a change of date request is at the discretion of management and subject to our availability for the proposed date. There is a 5% administration fee every time a date is changed.

Collection / Delivery

All cakes and desserts are to be collected /delivered on the confirmed date and within our business hours. Saturday pick ups are to be made by appointment only, at the designated time or within the time frame, as you have been advised.
If there is a failure to collect the order at the appointed time or within the booking window, we will not be available until our next business day for a recollection. We cannot refund cakes that have not been collected within business hours.

If the incorrect delivery address is supplied or if there is no one to receive the order and no safe place (as judged by us) to leave the ordered products, they will be returned to our kitchen and we will contact you to collect your order on the next business day, within our business hours.

We are unable to give a guaranteed time of delivery, but will endeavour to deliver within an agreed time frame. A late delivery for reasons outside of our control does not constitute a failure of our agreement and does not form the basis of cancellation or a refund.

We understand that things come up and if anything intervenes that might prevent you from collecting your order as per the terms above, you will need to notify us in writing as early as possible. Making any changes to your collection day and time with less than 3 days notice is at the sole discretion of management and subject to our availability and we may not be able to accomodate. Notices received past collection date and booking time will not be considered.

If a recollection is not made on the next business day, the cake / dessert will be discarded.


All cancellations for standard cakes and desserts must be submitted in writing to hello@chriskitchen.com.au with at least 3 business days notice prior to the scheduled pick up or delivery day.

No refunds can be given for cancellations made with less than 3 business days notice. All cancellation refunds are subject to a 5% fee to cover the costs incurred by the initiation of an order.

Wedding cake cancellations must be made in writing to hello@chriskitchen.com.au, with at least 14 days notice from the date of the event and a $100 cancellation fee will apply. If a wedding cake order is cancelled within 14 days prior to the event, the the full deposit will be forfeited. If a wedding cake order is cancelled within 5 days of the event, the full cost of the cake will be forfeited.

At the discretion of management and dependent on the circumstances of the cancellation, a credit note may be issued to you, less an administration fee equal to at least 20% of the total cost of the order. Please note that any credit notes issued are done so as a good will gesture and at the discretion of management.

If Chris’ Kitchen have to cancel the order with you for any reason due to health, family or situation out of our control, a full refund will be provided to you.


Refund requests must be made in writing to hello@chriskitchen.com.au highlighting the reason for the refund. Please get in touch with us as soon as you become aware on an issue. Since we are dealing with fresh food, refund requests that are made more than 7 days after the date of your event/pick up/delivery day will not be considered.

Refunds will not be issued for any reason, other than a cancellation with at least 3 business days notice or a failure on our part. If you have found that for any reason the cake or dessert you ordered did not meet your expectations or if there is an issue with your order please note that you must refrigerate or freeze the cake /dessert immediately and return it to us on the next business day so we can consider your refund request.

Chrisʼ Kitchen is not responsible for damage that may occur to an order after pickup or delivery and that does not form the basis of a refund.

Artistic License Disclaimer

Customers may request particular decorative specifications; however all cakes are subject to the artistic expression of Chrisʼ Kitchen. If a picture/image is supplied to us, then in some cases it may be necessary to change a colour or vary a product from the picture as certain items may be unavailable. We do not copy other cake decorators and we reserve the right to add our own artistic interpretation to every order we take on.

Cakes and custom desserts are handmade and unique using local and seasonal ingredients. From time to time ingredients might be substituted for the closest/seasonal alternative and decorations might be different.

Intellectual Property

All Chris’ Kitchen cake designs and creations remain the intellectual property of Chris’ Kitchen. Please do not assign credit to anyone else for cakes we have made.
Any photographs that have been taken of our cakes and products cannot be used for commercial or public purposes without our persimmon.

All designs, either in full or in part, may not be reproduced.


Chris’ Kitchen reserves the right to take and use photographs of your cake(s) and desserts, before, during and after set up, to use for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes, without compensation to you.

Disclosure of Information

Chris’ Kitchen will not disclose any personal information such as your name, address, email or telephone number to any person outside of the company, unless the customer has authorised us to do so or unless required by law to disclose such information.

Furthermore, under no circumstances will we sell or receive payments or services for disclosing customer’s personal information to any partner or external company.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By proceeding with a purchase you are in agreement with our terms and conditions as stated above.

Chrisʼ Kitchen reserves the right to alter or cancel an event or cooking class, giving participants due notice. In such cases, customers will be refunded in full for the costs of the services paid, bookings, cancellations.

Transfers and Refunds

All bookings for events and cooking classes are made on a first come first served basis. Bookings are considered ‘confirmedʼ once full payment has been made and customers receive the payment confirmation email. Chrisʼ Kitchen does not take tentative bookings and does not send additional written confirmation of bookings.

If only a partial payment is made towards securing a seat in a Chrisʼ Kitchen event or cooking class, we will send a written notice as soon as we are made aware of the situation and we will clearly state any amounts still owed. Seats will not be confirmed and attendance is not ensured unless full payment has been made.

Cancellations can be made and a full refund issued, no latter than ten (10) days prior to the event or cooking class. If you need to proceed with a cancellation, please write to us at hello@chriskitchen.com.au.

Cancellations made during the ten (10) days leading to the event or cooking class are non-refundable. Should you be unable to attend an event or class, you may be able to nominate someone to attend in your place. You must send us a written notice if this occurs no latter than two (2) days prior to the event or cooking class.

Bookings cannot be transferred to another event or cooking class.

Attending a Class, Clothing and Footwear

To ensure that our events and classes run smoothly, please show up on time. We kindly ask that you arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the event or class, as we will be preparing for the event or class until this time. For Health & Safety considerations, we require that all participants in our cooking classes wear closed shoes and no loose articles of clothing. Individuals wearing shorts, thongs, open-toed shoes, sandals or high heals will not be allowed to participate in a class.

Alcohol Consumption

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted before or during any of our events or cooking classes. For the safety of the individual and others, persons deemed by our staff to be intoxicated will not be allowed to participate in the event or cooking class if we feel they may cause harm to themselves or anyone else attending.

Wellness Advice

Any wellness advice given during our events or cooking classes should be used
as a guide only. You should always discuss your needs with your medical practitioner before taking on any new health regime.

Menu Changes

We use local produce and seasonal produce. From time to time we may substitute ingredients for the closest local/seasonal alternative if they are unavailable to us.

Dietary Requirements

Please inform us in writing at hello@chriskitchen.com.au of any allergies or dietary requirements, no latter than three (3) days prior to an event or cooking class. We will do our best to accommodate any individual needs and requirements, but we cannot guarantee alternatives or substitute ingredients beyond what is denoted in the event menu or class schedule.

Other Terms and Conditions

Release of liability. When participating in a Chrisʼ Kitchen event or class, whereby the participant will be around or using sharp and potentially dangerous tools suitable to a kitchen environment, the participant releases, indemnifies and excludes Chrisʼ Kitchen and its staff and volunteers from any and all liability of any kind for any damage or injury incurred while attending. The participant understands these terms and conditions and accepts the inherent risks of a kitchen environment when they make a full payment for a scheduled event or cooking class.

Chrisʼ Kitchen will take all necessary care, but accepts no responsibility for the damage to or loss of merchandise left in the venue prior to, during or after an event or cooking class. Chrisʼ Kitchen is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items in any form. If a participant does happen to leave an item in the venue, the participant has thirty (30) days to retrieve the item otherwise Chrisʼ Kitchen will donate it to charity. Please write to us at hello@chriskitchen.com.au to organize the collection.

The participant may be held financially responsible for any damage to or loss of Chrisʼ Kitchen property during the event or cooking class. The cost of repairing any damage to walls, doors or other parts of the property as a result of inappropriate conduct will be charged to the participant.

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