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Our Award Winning Cakes Are Available in a Range of Delicious Flavours

Creating some of the best cakes in Perth, our delicious cakes are nutritious made without refined sugars or processed ingredients or additives. Our cakes are also wheat, dairy and egg free, and some cakes can be nut free. Not only are they gluten free cakes, but also entirely vegan. Our gluten free and vegan cakes are made using wholefood ingredients such as nuts, seeds, buckwheat, coconut and cacao products, fresh and dried fruits and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup.

Our vegan cakes get their colours from nutritious, natural ingredients such as beetroot, berries, turmeric, carrots, spirulina or cacao powder, making them richer in nutrients. Our raw range of cakes are not cooked but chilled in the fridge, and they are also referred to as ‘no-bake’ cakes. The nuts and seeds in our cakes are a wonderful source of heart-healthy fats, nutrients, protein and fibre. Fibre and protein help us feel fuller for longer and promote good gut health, helping our tummies work best. The dried fruits also provide us with fibre, as well as with carbohydrates which we need for energy to fuel our bodies and our brains.

Chris’ Kitchen raw cakes have a texture that is creamy and dense, similar to that of cheesecakes. Our baked vegan cakes are made with a fluffy and moist gluten free sponge and they can come frosted with either a cashew cream or buttercream icing.

Because our raw cakes are not baked, the flavours, textures and colours are more intense and the nutritional content remains unchanged. Our raw cakes come in a variety of vibrant colours and flavours, from strawberry or lamington, to pomegranate and snickers.

Our baked cakes are also made with wholefoods, true to our brand. They are incredibly fluffy and moist, and are paired with delicious creamy fillings. They are a perfect rendition of classic birthday cakes, made healthier and with wholefoods.

Chris’ Kitchen birthday cakes are a perfect treat for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians, as well as for anyone who wants to include more plant-based foods in their lives.

In order to construct the perfect cakes, we go through our fair share of trial and error. We develop product concepts, experiment with ingredient and flavour combinations, taste and adjust, and once market approved we make them available for purchase. Our goal is to equally create wholesome plant-based products that will nourish you, as well as products that are ridiculously delicious.

To give you the best quality, at Chris’ Kitchen we ensure that:

  • We use the finest ingredients
  • We play with innovative flavour combinations
  • Taste delivers on our promise
  • And that presentation is exciting

Chris’ Kitchen cakes need to be refrigerated and most will keep well in the fridge for up to 7 days and in the freezer for up to 4 months.

While quality and taste always come first, we believe presentation is equally important. We all eat with our eyes first and so we should! Food is a celebration best enjoyed with all our senses. When a product is visually appealing, it’s more appetising and builds anticipation of the senses.

At Chris’ Kitchen, we offer you food that we are proud to call our own. We hope you treasure that every bite is actually healthy.

At Chris’ Kitchen, we recommend at least 5 days notice to book a cake, especially if you require anything custom. We can also accommodate a 48-hour notice for our standard cakes.

All cakes come in fully recyclable paper-based packaging, with paper-based stickers and flyers that use vegetable dyes.

We offer delivery for our larger cakes such as wedding cakes and catering events, within 15km of our production kitchen. This is already included in the price.

We hope you enjoy our vegan cakes! If you have the chance to enjoy one, be sure to snap a pic and tag it #myCKmoment on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us @chriskitchen.com.au. Do it! I love seeing how you enjoy our cakes and the moments they help you celebrate.

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