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Impact Investment Opportunities

We’re looking for help fund a local Social Enterprise (SE) or Not for Profit (NFP) by offering you a space to grow your social mission in our warehouse in O’Connor. We are an ethical company operating as a social enterprise in the food industry and we want to help build more social impact in our community.

We are grateful to not only have survived the last 2+years of Covid but to have grown stronger and to now be in a position to support other small SEs or NFPs. We want to invest in your mission by offering you the space you need to further your social objectives.

  • If you are a NFP, we can offer a peppercorn lease.
  • If you are a for profit SE, we are offering a nominal value lease similar to a peppercorn lease.

The space is in a new, smart complex, in a warehouse mezzanine in O’Connor. It is ideal for operations that do not require a shop front.

Impact Investment Opportunities
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Features include:

  • Area: 50sqm located in the mezzanine area
  • Open plan, shared area
  • Secure, gated premises
  • Wireless available
  • Accounts already set up for electricity, water, insurance, bin service
  • Modern kitchenette that is fully stocked
  • Low outgoings

The term is flexible and negotiable, depending on the needs of the individual SE / NFP.

Please forward your EOI together with:

  • a cover letter that details your organisation’s operations and your social mission
  • a description of your current set up or growth stage and how this peppercorn lease would help you further your objectives
  • a resume and references for the director of the SE / NFP

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