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Raw cakes are nutritious cakes made without wheat, dairy, eggs or refined sugars. Our range of raw cakes features a shortlist of wholefood ingredients such as nuts, seeds, coconut and cacao products, fresh and dried fruits and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup. Raw cakes get their colours from nutritious, natural ingredients such as beetroot, berries, turmeric, carrots, spirulina or cacao powder, making them richer in nutrients.

Raw cakes are not cooked but chilled in the fridge, and they are also referred to as ‘no-bake’ cakes. The nuts and seeds in raw cakes are a wonderful source of heart-healthy fats, nutrients, protein and fibre. Fibre and protein help us feel fuller for longer and promote good gut health, helping our tummies work best. The dried fruits also provide us with fibre, as well as with carbohydrates which we need for energy, to fuel our bodies and our brains.

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Unbaked, Creamier and Denser

Our raw cakes are not baked and they are not as spongy as traditional cakes. The texture is creamier and denser, more similar to that of cheesecakes. Because our raw cakes are not baked, the flavours, colours and textures remain intact, and so do the nutrients and the taste. Because the colour of the ingredients remains unchanged, our raw cakes come in a variety of vibrant colours and flavours, from lemon strawberry cheesecakes or lamington to pomegranate cheesecakes and snickers slices.

This vibrancy makes them beautiful to plate and decorate, and very pleasing to the eye, adding to the enjoyment of eating them. Our raw cakes are a great alternative for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians, as well as people who want to include more plants in their diets.

I hope you enjoy our raw cakes! If you eat them, be sure to snap a pic and tag it #chriskitchen on Instagram or Facebook, and tag us Do it! I love seeing what you enjoy the most.

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