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Muesli Bar

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Muesli Bar

These bars are wonderfully crunchy and nutty, with subtle hints of white chocolate.

The recipe makes 12 bars or a 22 x 22 cm pan.

  • Add 270 grams almonds to the food processor and process until they get roughly chopped in tiny pieces. Stop before they turn into almond meal.
  • Add the almonds to a bowl with the following:
  • 45 grams whole pumpkin seeds
  • 45 grams whole sunflower seeds
  • 60 grams whole linseed
  • 30 grams whole chia seeds
  • 3 tsp cinnamon
  • 180 grams raisins

Toss to combine.

Add the following to the bowl:

  • 45 grams tahini
  • 60 grams coconut butter
  • 90 grams honey
  • 60 grams melted cacao butter

Mix everything well in the bowl until it becomes sticky.

Press in the pan and place in fridge.


Cut into bars of your preferred size. 

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